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Welcome to another episode of Mind the HeadSpace! Bringing you the best in the more eclectic and cerebral side of Electronic (dance) Music, with a focus on Dallas area Djs and producers. This time around we actually have a very special live set from an Austin based friend of mine, Wonder Nexus (Chris Lundberg)! I asked Wonder Nexus to describe this work in his own words since its pretty impressive, so i'll give you his breakdown after this paragraph. As always be sure to like, comment (in itunes please!), SUBSCRIBE, an dmost importantly, enjoy!



I started making waltz music and other 3/4 time-signatured dance music several years ago. I turned a collection of waltzstep (3/4 dubstepish tracks) into a mix called “Forest Alchemy”, but there were leftover and misfit 3/4 tracks, 4/4 jams I wrote concurrently, and tracks that switched time signatures themselves (such as Squirly Waltz Switch and Dawn Girding). In addition, in order to effectively play live and dj, I developed methods of switching time signatures smoothly (hopefully without ruining the dance floor). Code Switch is an exploration of those transitions. Many of the tracks were written for the mix - find a hole; write a track to fill it. Most were edited to make the transitions more effective. One transition has some serious black arts to make the grooves line up. The whole mess is a love letter to some music nerds. This project had a name before it had 5 tracks. The name “Code Switch” originally comes from the ability to participate in multiple worlds - to be able to speak the way that multiple groups speak. To “switch” between black and white, or rich and poor, straight and gay, hip and square, or country and city. In this case, 3/4 and 4/4, hip hop and edm and techno and idm; pretty and techy and grimey. I thought the name fit to a T. In the four years I worked on Code Switch, though, the world moved. Conversations about race, class, sex, culture, language, religion got a lot more interesting and a lot more present. Black Lives Matter rose. Code Switching was revealed to more of the world to be a necessary survival tool, not just a neat fact of some speakers. Then the world changed again after the election. Now, in the waning parts of 2017, these conversations are on the tip of our tongues. Though it wasn’t originally intended to be, this work is dedicated to those engaged in the struggle for freedom, equality, representation, and the ability to be respected, loved, trusted



Mr Bill - Cheyah (Wonder Nexus remix)

Familiar Territory Squirly Waltz Switch


Hazardous Remedies

Rose of Jericho (Code Switch VIP)

New Sheriff

Djinn Joint


Maga Bo - No Balance da Canoa (Wonder Nexus refix)

Plague Doctor

Jaguar Path

Oberon’s '64 Impala


Boa Constructor

Dawn Girding

Squicky Germ

Unfolding Engine

(Un)Clenched Heart

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