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A revolving cast of DJs bringing you mixes showcasing the best in the more cerebral, experimental, and straight up weird side of Electronic (Dance) Music from Dallas, TX Hosted by Fropsi www.soundcloud.com/fropsi

Welcome to another apisode of Mind the HeadSpace! Bringing you the more ecelctic and cerebral side of Electronic (Dance) Music, with a focus on Dallas are DJs and porducers. This month we have another mix by Dallas based producer/DJ Lars Warn. This mix is a heady journey through a dystopian futuristic soundscape, with two top notch original Lars Warn tracks. As always, be sure to rate/comment (in Itunes please!), share, SUBSCRIBE, download, and most importantly, ENJOY!!




Lars Warn Soundcloud

Lars Warn Facebook



susumu hirisawa - behelit

lorn - ghost in the grid

y y y - www

c plus plus - rapid cycle

lit internet / gronos1 - drain

barla x pope - icebar

shinjuku thief - a midnight mass

music for your plants - eco-coin

laser coffins - untitled

pope - fall from grace

kenji kawai - nightstalker

immersiva - 02

ital tek - white mark

amnesia scanner - as angels rig hook

m.e.s.h. - scythians

etevleh - ezfeger war dub

angel-ho - yah cunt

morten hd - revolution (molting)

lars warn - hachiman (devil mix)

lthl - no more

lorn - sega sunset 

lars warn - arctic outflow


mokona - heartstrings

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