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A revolving cast of DJs bringing you mixes showcasing the best in the more cerebral, experimental, and straight up weird side of Electronic (Dance) Music from Dallas, TX Hosted by Fropsi www.soundcloud.com/fropsi

Welcome to another episode of Mind the HeadSpace! Bringing you the best in the more eclectic and cerebral side of Dallas area electronic music DJs and producers. We've got a very special bonus episode for you all this time around. Dallas based DJ and producer, Kerim Bey recently provided us with a very unique mix. This will be the podcasts first mix that is not dance music oriented. This mix is an experimental mix of cold and ominous ambient electronics that borders on noise in parts. Very haunting stuff, and i hope to share more experimental mixes with you all in the future. As always, be sure to share, comment, rate (in Itunes please!), download, SUBSCRIBE, and most importantly, ENJOY!




Find us online: www.facebook.com/mindheadspace

Find Kerim Bey online: http://www.facebook.com/kerimbeyofficial || Twitter: @Beytechno|| Instagram: @kerimbeyofficial || www.soundcloud.com/kerimbeyoffical || www.mixcloud.com/kerimbey || www.temporalloop.bandcamp.com 



EX.ORDER - A Sense Of Unreality

Atrium Carceri - Behind the Curtain of Life [Cryo Chamber]

Kerim Bey - Deep Six [Temporal Looop]

Dynamics Plus - Small Pluto the Lost and the Kuiper Belt(Original Mix)[Baccara Music]

Randal Collier Ford - Horns of Eden

Dahlias Tear - When the skies turn black [Cryo Chamber]

Pharmakustik & Tanner Garza-Stromal Invasion [J&C Tapes]

Randal Collier-Ford - Suspension of Icarus [Cryo Chamber]

no Xivic - Pyörivä Jacek Sienkiewicz-Subatomic Particle 42 [No.]

Vainqueur - Solanus(Extracted 2) [Tresor Records]

SiJ - Particulate Matter

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