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A revolving cast of DJs bringing you mixes showcasing the best in the more cerebral, experimental, and straight up weird side of Electronic (Dance) Music from Dallas, TX Hosted by Fropsi www.soundcloud.com/fropsi

Welcome to another episode of Mind the HeadSpace! Bringing you the best in the more experimental and cerebral side of electronic (dance) music, with a focus on DFW area DJs and producers. This episode we're leaving the dance floor behind for a very special mix courtesy of Dallas based producer/dj Lars Warn. This mix is a haunting and moody downtempo affair, with plenty of original tracks throughout. Definitely lives up to the mission statement of the podcast. As always, be sure to share, rate/comment (in itunes please!), SUBSCRIBE, download, and most importantly, ENJOY!


Lars Warn



Lars Warn - Polyhymnia Burial - Loner (Nazar Rework) Dark Sky - In Brackets Borealis - Heartsease (Treble Feather) Celestial Trax - Surrender LTHL - Through Lars Warn - Hormuz Bridge TCF - 0759c576bab5de79719bb6c332364dbf92c189de Lapalux - Quartz Lars Warn - CLouds Part Lars Warn - Untitled Lars Warn - Firevine Lars Warn - Hollow Bole Dark Sky - Hequon Chuck Upbeat - Jungles Alive Lars Warn - Untitled Lurka - KMT Lars Warn - KNWLDG (Sidedraft Remix) Maria Minerva & Akujaja - Heart Breaks (MFYP Remix) Lars Warn - Above Class, Below Kingdom

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