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A revolving cast of DJs bringing you mixes showcasing the best in the more cerebral, experimental, and straight up weird side of Electronic (Dance) Music from Dallas, TX Hosted by Fropsi www.soundcloud.com/fropsi

This episode of Mind The Head Space, we are bringing an exclusive sneak peak at the track "朝日に近い" by SHLBY, off of his forthcoming release, Harvest Gods, set to drop on New Years Day. This album is brimming with outrageously chill, deep bass vibes. Be sure to snatch this shit up as soon as you can.  you can check out more by SHLBY at https://soundcloud.com/shelbywoomuzik

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Welcome to a special episode of Mind the Head Space!  New content will be available in January, and i noticed i still have some storage space,  so i'm uploading my "Tekk" mix that used to be on soundcloud as a special holiday treat for you all.  Its 34 minutes of dark, weird, edgy, and acidy Techno/Electro. One of my favorite mixes i've ever done.  Happy Holidays everyone!


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Welcome to the second installment of Mind The Head Space. This time around we have a Drum & Bass mix from yours truly. This mix starts off spacey and atmospheric, gradually getting darker and harder as the mix progresses. Please share and enjoy. remember to subscribe in the Itunes store!


  1. Rumours (Original Mix)Mutt
  2. Above The Clouds (Original Mix)Glen E.ston
  3. Radiance (Original Mix)Pro Luxe
  4. Eyelash (Original Mix)Fourward
  5. Surrealism (Original Mix)Arp XP
  6. Whispers (Original Mix)Mortem
  7. Human Race (Original Mix)Malk, Nickbee
  8. Promises (Original Mix)Chris SU
  9. Frozen Lake (Original Mix)Verbal
  10. Funeral Trizna (Original Mix)Place 2B, Paiman
  11. Darksaber (Physics Remix)Modemellow
  12. Red Rhythm (Original Mix)eleven8, Lung, Joe Syntax
  13. White Beach (Original Mix)Neutral Point
  14. Avenger (Original Mix)Emperor
  15. Expression (Original Mix)L 33
  16. Elements (Original Mix)Sunchase
  17. Jupiter (Original Mix)K Tee, Friction
  18. Things You Have Lost -Kubix
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Welcome to the first episode of Mind The Head Space. Bringing you the best in cerebral electronic music. We are going to start things off with a mix by the infamous LED Robster. This chill mix is heavy on classic IDM tunes. You can follow LED Robster at www.soundcloud.com/led-robster


  1. Milan - Matthew Herbert
  2. Interstellar - Renkas
  3. Matala Bobo - Brothomstates
  4. Plok - Instra:Mental
  5. Babe (Sascha Braemer S Babe Remix) - Møenster
  6. Crab Nebula - Bitstream
  7. Schnick Schnack Meltmade - Mouse on Mars
  8. South Quay - Num Num
  9. Biometric System - Der Zyklus
  10. Pom Pom 4 - Pom Pom
  11. Chain - School of Seven Bells
  12. Weather Clicker - Baikonour
  13. Fight For Me (M. Tur Remix / Dixon Edit) - Wildbirds & Peacedrums
  14. GAK 4 - Gak
  15. Sun - Caribou
  16. Love Movement (Ulrich Schnauss Remix) - Revtone
  17. Little Fluffy Clouds (Pal Joey Mix) - The Orb
  18. Temper - L'usine
  19. Scimitar - Dwayne Sodahberk
  20. Outlands (Fountain Of Elisha Mix) - The Orb
  21. Error - Hexagon Sun
  22. Tanji - Esem
  23. Scratch - L'usine
  24. Flying High - Monk & Canatella
  25. Detroit and Carpet Eyes - Unagi Patrol
  26. O'locco (Hyperfloral) - Sun Electric
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